Dihebohkan dengan gambar-gambar porno dari wanita yang disebut-sebut sebagai mahasiswi asal Indonesia yang kuliah di sebuah universitas terkenal. Munculnya foto-foto tersebut diketahui setelah beredar luas BlackBerry Massanger (BBM).

Berikut Pernyataan Situs yang menyebarkan Foto Tersebut

We originally only published twelve photos from the recent Indonesian Tarra Nadhira Hindersah Facebook scandal because the majority of the photos are just photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah flashing her really ***** **** and ****** at the camera.

Someone decided to post a comment last night stating that if we had a heart we would remove the photos from our website. Well… We’re heartless and here are 28 additional photos of Tarra Nadhira Hindersah to prove it!

NOTE: A lot of websites in and around Indonesia got blocked from showing these photos, which is one of the primary reasons we have decided to publish them… We don’t believe in that kind of censorship in America and have very little respect for countries that treat their citizens so poorly.